Maker Faire Preparation

Hey all!

As you know this upcoming weekend is Maker Faire!! We are super excited to be participating and have been working hard to get our ducks in a row for the event. AJ, one of our resident engineers and Tesla fan has been waiting for an excuse to finish his Tesla coil, and Maker Faire was it. Check it out below for a few pics and a quick video of it in use. This is only V1.X so expect some beefing up in the future; along with some musical Tesla coils.

OmniCorpDetroit Tesla Coil @ HQ! from Nina Bianchi on Vimeo.

OmniCorpDetroit 7.27.10

We also plan on entering the Pow-Pow-Powerwheels competition! Although many of the other teams have had wayyyyy more time than us to prepare a vehicle, we aren’t letting that get us down. We are slapping some stuff together and just getting it running. Anderson, Brandon, Aaron and Joey have been putting in some serious time on the project and we are finally getting some decent runs out of it.

OmniCorpDetroit Powerwheel test run! from Nina Bianchi on Vimeo.

OmniCorpDetroit 7.27.10

Nina and Mike have been working on our stickers, fliers, and other swag for the faire. AJ, Andrew, and Nina will be giving circuit bending lessons, so check it out if you get a chance!!

OmniCorpDetroit Circuit Bending zine in production from Nina Bianchi on Vimeo.

OmniCorpDetroit 7.27.10

Just so you don’t think they are slacking: Bethany has been busting her ass to get ready for her Cyberoptix booth where she will be teaching screen printing; everyone has been helping coordinate the party which you should all go to!!! and Uncle Jeff has been doing what he does best and wrangling a bunch of hair-brained hack-mongers and making sure we show up to Maker Faire with more than just a mean hangover.

See you fools at Maker-Faire!!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!