Pre-Maker Faire Party!!!

For those who like to have fun,

WE ARE HAVING A PRE-MAKER FAIRE PARTY!!! That’s right, someone let a bunch of nerds plan a party! The party will be at our hackerspace in Eastern Market, Detroit on Friday July 31st. The hackerspace is located here:
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We are going to have some UH-MAZE-ING DJ’s making sure that your butt doesn’t stop moving, and there is going to be plenty of electronic music so all you with robot ears can get down too. The lineup is as follows (roughly):

10PM-11PM: Dethlab – warming up with electro-shoegaze & coldwave
11PM-12AM: Jeremy – mid-tempo house/techno
12AM-1AM: Deastro – doing what Deastro does best
1AM-2AM: Dethlab – high energy dark electro/techno
2AM-3AM: Glühüfr – eclectic high energy mixmastery
3AM-4AM: (if the cops haven’t shut us down yet) Dethlab either keeping the energy up or winding it down, depending on the crowd

Oh, did I mention it is FREE! Well, it is…but you have to be 21+, sorry little hackers. Don’t feel left out, you should be out figuring out how to distill your own alcohol anyways; it’s way fun, trust me. That being said, we will have a few beverages available, but most definitely recommend bringin’ your own! Keep it easy and cheap!

If our party hasn’t left your brain shriveled and begging for coffee well into the night, our friends over at the Ferndale hackerspace i3detroit are throwing a party Saturday night, so check ’em out!