HUMAN POWER: D.I.O Electricity Workshop

Bummed out by your electrical bill?  Sick of buying batteries?.  Well hell, let’s MAKE OUR OWN ELECTRICITY!

For those of you who have no idea how it is made or where it comes from (or even if you do), come on over this Thursday 10/21 7pm-9pm and we’ll roll our own generators and yak about the JUICE…what it is, where it comes from, what olde and new technologies are used to produce it, and how we can make more and use less!  Think you know a lot about electricity already?  Only the better!  Bring your and brainpower and your gadgets and share!!

THURSDAY 10/21 7pm-9pm
10/21 7pm-9pm

We’ll have hot cider for $1 and cold Motor City beer for $2.  Donations always welcome…it’ll help us keep the place warm this winter so that we can all be nice and toasty during future future workshops.