OCD hackerspace alleycat, october 30 2010

Alleycat, October 30

OCD hackerspace alleycat, october 30 2010

Come costumed and ready to bike with rattitude*.

Pit rattitude*, that is.

[Make you some rat tales,
call you the rat pack]

$1-5 sliding scale donation (help support great bike events in Detroit!)

[bring twenty-nine friends
call you a 30 pack]

Individual and 2x Divisions
!!!Bring a bag!!!

***Trophies for Podium, DFL
Awards for Best/Worst Costume***

2pm Registration and General Pit Rattitude*
3pm Rats off (to ya)
?pm Race Ending, Specific Pit Rattitude* (no later than 6:06 pm)
?pm +30min Race Results, Trophy Presentation, Costume Awards, Carnage

*rattitude including but not limited to: race instruction, map distribution, finish line crossing, riddles, problem solving, competitive creative trackstanding, cuddly costumes, runs to the sto’ for refreshments, rat-related time wasting while we calculate the wild results you will produce.