Web Bootcamp Class Series

Web Bootcamp Class Series

Saturday January 22nd @ 6 – 8PM:
Part 1 – Intro to HTML 5 and CSS3

Introduction to HTML and CSS. We will focus on the basic components of proper (valid) page structure and cover best practices and some tricks that are new to HTML5 and CSS3. Class will also include a general overview of the various components and “levels” of web development including: client-side scripting (javascript), server-side scripting (PHP) and server architecture (Apache). The goal for the class will be developing your own simple 3 page website and running it locally on your laptop (without a server).

Saturday January 29th @ 6 – 8PM:
Part 2 – Intro to Javascript Using jQuery

In this class we will be diving into Javascript using a framework called jQuery that simplifies many common tasks including asynchronous communication (AJAX), animation and selectors. We will be starting with some simple demonstrations and then moving into dynamically loading content into a site using JSON and then animating it.

Saturday February 12th @ 6 – 8PM:
Part 3 – Intro to PHP

For this class we’ll be covering some of the basics of PHP (a server-side scripting language). In particular we will cover some common approaches for dealing with common scripting issues and also coving some of the basics of object-oriented programming (which is applicable to LOTS of other languages). For this class we will be building a basic templating and url routing system for our website that was originally developed in Part 1 and Part 2 of the series. We will also be talking about server architectures and hosting options…. we’ll even tour the guts of a high-availability server environment!

** Some reading and requested software (development tools) for the class will be distributed prior to each class as to get everyone off to a quick start.
** Goes without saying, but you’ll need some kind of computing machine to take the class. I’ll be teaching from a Mac using a development environment called “Komodo” (http://www.activestate.com/komodo-edit) but any flavor of machine (Linux, Windows… hell, run BeOS if you want!) is totally fine. I’ll send out some recommended software for each operating system prior to the first class.

To sign-up for the classes please go to: http://www.eventbrite.com/org/830955253