This Sucks: Zine Making Workshop May 7

“You won’t BELIEVE what happened to me today…”
“…and you know what CONTINUES to piss me off?”
“Did you SEE that?! It’s like people can just go around and…”
“THIS SUCKS! I really just wish that-”

1 — 5 PM

If you find yourself starting (or ending) conversations with any of the above statements, you might benefit from “THIS SUCKS! (and I’m going to do something about it): 5 easy steps to suck-less”

THIS SUCKS is a five-step publication process for self-empowerment and achievement over those things that suck the life out of ones everyday will to accomplish tasks.

Participants in THIS SUCKS will develop innovative and sustainable techniques for overcoming personal obstacles on the road to success, and leave the workshop with 25 of their very own personalized pamphlets to help continue down the road to success.

You choose your content, of course – it could be anything ranging from social interventions to interactive anti-theft audio installations to using a hammer with proper form.

Tell your friends, download the This Sucks Flyer.

Ana Andy's Log Jam Rumpus Room Workshop Series