Uber Hack!!!

Uber hack turned into an amazing event! Thank you to all who came out to learn how to solder, about fruit batteries and take a tour of OCD. Below are some words from our good friends at the Mt. Elliott Makerspace who helped teach the workshops.

This past weekend we cancelled our Tron Bikes workshop in favor of joining with our partner hackerspace OmniCorpDetroit (OCD) so that a handful of our Makers could teach classes during Saturday market day in Eastern Market. Many market-goers stopped by to learn how to solder, make fruit batteries, and create seed bombs. What are seed bombs you say? These are non-violent balls of flower seeds wrapped in clay so that they may be easily lobbed into vacant lots in hopes of taking root.

Later on in the afternoon with help from our OCD friend Kelson, we launched some of the seed bombs into some promising vacant lots nearby.

Many thanks to our friends at OmniCorpDetroit for sharing their space with us in Eastern Market, and thanks to all of the wonderful people that came by to learn! Finally a huge thank you to all of the Makers that joined us for a long day of teaching….Jeremiah, Elishah, Ife, Edmund, and Ethan! Through suggested donations offered for their teaching services, each Maker earned over $20 apiece!