OPEN HACK NIGHT! April 19, 8pm-11pm

Attention!  We have a nedrgasm galore here. It’s open-hack night time again friends, Thursday April 19. Doors open at 8:00pm and we run til’ about 11:00pm. You’re welcome to bring your own project to hack  or play with one of our kits… either way, we would love to have you!

NEW NEW NEW NEW we now have DJ’s spinning music for us on the first Thursday of each month. Since that was really awesome last time and we have a frillion watts of sound, we’re doing it again, (even though it’s the 3rd Thursday.) Bethany Shorb (Toybreaker/Dethlab) will be tickling your ears and innards while you solder and socialize. Love techno, electro, industrial and all flavors of things that go bleep and bloop?  This one is for you. Requests may be honored, if they’re good.

Also, Miss Shorb has become a juice freak.  She will be serving special craft cocktails made with fresh, home-made ginger juice. While dj’ing.  This could get interesting and potentially messy. HACKTAILS!

Also, check out what Metrotimes saw when they were here and what they had to say about it:

We ask for a $5 donation to help us keep this place running. If you cant pull it off, don’t worry you can still come. 🙂 Can’t wait to see you.