Mad Scientist OCD Member Aaron Blendowski hacks household products, makes Threat Manager 2

Coming to you straight from the dungeon of OMNICORPDETROIT comes the newest, latest and greatest solution for non-lethal, home defense.

Introducing Threat Manager 2

Threat Manager 2 is a great aural and occular confusion-defense system to compliment your golf club, bat, candlestick or any other preferred domestic bludgeoning devices. TM2 is a hybrid-and-hacked device designed to disorient an intruder in a non-violent capacity. Threat Manager 2 has been designed to be wielded with a single hand, leaving a free hand to grab whatever object may seem appropriate to fend off pesky intruders.

Utilizing a very bright light, a laser beam and voice amplification/modulation in one package, this defense system is quite hilarious and effective. There are a number of voices to choose from including a devil, witch, a demonor a friend’s baby brother!

Keep an eye out for Threat Manager 3, featuring auto-tone voice modulation! Great for any birthday party, bat/bar-mitzvah, or baby shower! Now in R&D phase – presale starts soon!

The Nitty Gritty:

• 12watt 1,000yard megaphone

• Xenon-Flashlight & laser combo

• Voice Modulator w/head-set