DLECTRICITY Light Bike Workshop & Parade

Hello OCD Friends!  We have all had a fun and busy summer and are finally back.  Next saturday, October 6th, we will be running a workshop for the Dlectricity Festival. Starting at 5pm and going until 7pm, OCD will be showing you how to attach LEDs and reflective material to your bike to make you extra bright for the 3.5 mile bike parade that follows directly after the workshop.

The event is free and we have free kits available to the first 400 people.  Each kit includes a spoke card with 2 LEDs, 2 additional LEDS, a 12 LED light strand, and a bunch of different color tapes and reflective material.

Spoke Cards

The spoke cards double as a souvenir as well as instructions on how to connect the LEDs to the Batteries to make them light up.


LED Strands

This part is as easy as 1…2…3…

1: Wrap the strand on your Bike wherever you want
2: Tape down the battery holder
3: Turn on your lights!



Other Stuff

And here is just some of the tape and other bright stuff to add to your bike