The Motor City Riot’s Second Annual Zombie Ride!

A few of our members at OCD are also member’s of the Detroit moped gang, the Motor City Riot (like me!). We had a small ride last Halloween time, and had a lot of fun so we are doing it again!

The shop will be open at 7PM, and the ride leaves at 9PM sharp!

What you should bring:
– A working (this means lights too!) moped, scooter, minibike, etc.
– Zombie makeup/costume
– A lock for your ride

There will be a nice length ride through the city. There will then be an intermission for food/drinks at Green Dot Stables in Corktown (this is where the lock comes in handy). They have sliders and the like, including vegan/vegetarian options. I believe they have some Gluten Free stuff too.

Then we will go on the second leg of the ride, and end up back at OmniCorp for some more drinks and cool-down time. We will have some beer on hand, but if you have particular taste you can bring your own. We have fridges! There is plenty of parking, and you can leave your things in the locked shop during the ride if you would like.

We will be hosting an open shop Moped Monday the 22nd, so if your bike needs a little work, bring it on down and we’ll see what we can do. Otherwise, please don’t plan to wrench on the 29th. We will have a chase vehicle if you do break down, but hopefully not too many people do.

$5 donations appreciated for beer and chase vehicle 🙂 For more details visit