Sunglass Making

Now that we have our new 120 w full spectrum laser cutter, i am able to tackle a few projects i have been meaning to do. here is the result of one of them:


A few friends of mine have been collecting mahogany and teak wood from old boats for the past 30 years. they have quite the surplus. so, why not use it to build sunglasses?

Here is the piece i started with.

After sanding:

After some cutting and gluing: (ps sorry about your table saw Aaron ;])

Then onto the laser cutter. I had designed the glasses last year but did some revising. Still more revising to come.

Laser cut plies.

after sourcing some lenses & glass hinges … still working on what works best here. especially for lens grinding. am open to suggestions!

annnnd the final, stained product. i’m pretty happy with them. again, once i have the design down for the hinge / lens combo the final product, although good, will be cleaner and have faster production turnaround.

so – from a piece of 60-year-old boat wood to these. not bad! can’t wait to keep cranking and make a v2.