Sunglasses v2

Hello! Achille here. Thought I would give an update on the sunglasses for youse all. After much work, pouring over every little detail, adjusting .1mm here and there, playing with angles and just all sorts of revisions to both design and process, the Roosevelts are officially born and ready to order.

Previously made of red oak, these new versions are made of both cherry and walnut and are available in a few different finishes.

And while these are made of sustainably harvested wood in the Midwest, these will soon be available in reclaimed wood from some of Detroit’s deconstructed homes.

Come on through the shop and say hi and see how we’re working!

3 glasses1 3 glasses2 3 glasses3 3 glasses4

Also, just FYI, also working on a real nice pair of aviator-style sunglasses. Available soon.

For more information, drop me an e-mail: