Wooden eyewear using reclaimed wood

Since I started creating wooden sunglasses, it has always been my goal to develop a product and process strong enough to make them out of reclaimed / salvaged wood from deconstructed homes in Detroit.

I’ve made a few reclaimed prototypes in the past with a varying degree of success, but the latest pair of Roosevelts turned out very nice.

The need for high-quality design and process is very important when working with reclaimed wood. Many homes in Detroit built in the 1880s, as now, are made mostly using douglas fir, a softwood. Most on-the-market sunglasses you see now are made of hardwood – there’s a big difference in strength when you’re working on this small scale.

Anyway – check them out. Haven’t decided on a stain yet, although I’m thinking some india ink and paste wax will do these well.

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 12.55.54 PM

This particular wood came from the Imagination Station in Corktown and were commissioned by a friend.

After a little more work these will be available soon!